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Winnipeg, MB

ICC Calls For Investigation And Charges In Antisemitic Fax Incident

Winnipeg, MB – The Israeli Canadian Council (ICC) is deeply troubled by the recent circulation of antisemitic fax attacking prominent Jewish lawyers and public figures in Winnipeg. The document, which has a striking resemblance to similar lists that circulated in 2013 and 2019, has been brought to the attention of the Law Society of Manitoba.

The ICC stands firmly against all forms of hate speech and discrimination, and we are committed to advocating for the Jewish community in Canada. It is concerning that this incident appears to be part of a pattern of targeted attacks against the Jewish community, which has become increasingly worried about their safety in Canada.

The Jewish community is an integral part of Canadian society, and all Canadians have a responsibility to work toward creating a more inclusive and accepting environment. The ICC strongly urges the Winnipeg Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident and to lay all appropriate charges against the offender.

The ICC believes that the current leadership of Jewish communities needs to step up its efforts to combat antisemitism and hate crimes in Canada. While they excel in funding and delivering social programming, there is a need for more effective incident response and intelligence gathering to ensure that the Jewish community is protected.

The ICC will continue to stand up for Zionism and combat antisemitism in Canada. We urge all Canadians to join us in rejecting hate speech and intolerance and to work towards a society where everyone feels safe and respected.