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Winnipeg, MB

Request For Israeli Flag Raising

Dear Mayor Gillingham,

Re: Request For Israeli Flag Raising

Seeing as the Israeli-Canadian community has been an integral part of the multicultural fabric of our city, province and country; and seeing as the Israeli-Canadian community contributes greatly to the economic, social and cultural sectors of our community; and seeing the steadfast, longlasting and unwavering friendship between our two communities, we at the ICC formally request – on behalf of our members – the honour of having the flag of Israel flown at City Hall to celebrate Israel’s 75th Independence Day – Yom Ha’atzmaut 2023.

We request that the Israeli flag be raised on Tuesday, April 25 and remain flown until the evening of Wednesday, April 26.

We further request to have a ceremony as part of the flag raising.

We thank you in advance for this great honour.

Yours respectfully,

Ron East – founder, ICC

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