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ICC Honours Israel’s 75th Birthday and the Strong Ties between Israel and Canada

Winnipeg, MB – The Israeli Canadian Council (ICC) is pleased to announce its celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday and the long-standing and deep relationship between Israel and Canada.

Established in 1948, the State of Israel has become a beacon of democracy, innovation, and prosperity in the Middle East. Over the past 75 years, Israel has overcome numerous challenges and has become a global leader in fields such as technology, agriculture, and healthcare.

Canada and Israel have a strong relationship based on shared values and mutual interests. This relationship is rooted in history, as Canada was one of the first countries to recognize Israel’s independence in 1948. Since then, Canada has been a steadfast ally and partner of Israel, supporting its right to exist and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state.

The ICC is proud to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday and to recognize the significant contributions that Israelis and Canadians of Israeli descent have made to Canada’s social, economic, and cultural fabric. We are also grateful for the ongoing support and friendship of the Canadian government and people toward Israel.

“We are proud to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday and the strong relationship between Israel and Canada,” said Ron East, President of the ICC. “Israel has overcome numerous challenges to become a beacon of hope and innovation, and we are grateful for the support of the Canadian government and people towards Israel. We look forward to continuing to strengthen the bonds between our two countries.”

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