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Press Release

ICC Warns Against Distortion and Lies of Nakba Day

Winnipeg, MB- The Israeli Canadian Council (ICC) is deeply concerned about the upcoming Nakba Day, which is observed on May 15th each year. Nakba Day marks the displacement and exodus of Palestinian refugees following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

While the ICC recognizes the pain and suffering of Palestinians during this period, it is important to note that the events leading up to the establishment of the State of Israel were complex and cannot be reduced to a single narrative. The Nakba narrative, which is often propagated by anti-Israel groups, distorts historical facts and ignores the Jewish people’s right to self-determination.

Furthermore, the Nakba narrative is often used to delegitimize Israel and justify acts of terrorism and violence against innocent civilians. This is unacceptable and goes against the fundamental principles of human rights and dignity.

The ICC calls on all Canadians to reject the distortion and lies of the Nakba narrative and instead work towards a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We believe that a lasting solution can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians based on mutual recognition and respect.

We also call on our political leaders and media to reject one-sided narratives and promote balanced and factual reporting on the complex issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The ICC is committed to promoting a better understanding of Israel and its people in Canada and fostering constructive dialogue between Canadians of all backgrounds.

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